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Designed with tradition in mind and the memories of my childhood, I recall an abundance of rich Red and lots of White. When it snowed in Birmingham during the 1970’s and 1980’s – It REALLY snowed!
My challenge – Design and create a technically robust fabric that can withstand the test of many an excitable Christmas. It took just over a year to achieve this quality and eight years later I’m receiving orders form repeat customers whose families are growing and extending – proof is in that, Christmas pudding for me, that this fabric works.
There are thirty-one individual processes to making each stocking from yarn to finished product. Knitting, washing, drying, pressing, weaving, sewing, embroidery & quality control every step of the way.
These images highlight parts of this extensive process. Every single stitch is produced from ‘Super-soft Geelong Lamaine’ commonly known as Merino wool. The sock, the sock top and the felted tag are ALL handmade by Andrea Dunne.