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Andrea Dunne wool products are made using superfine Lamaine, sourced and dyed within Scotland by Todd & Duncan, the world’s largest and finest quality spinner of cashmere yarn. They use the latest technology coupled with years of Scottish spinning expertise to enhance the performance, productivity and consistency of the natural fibres.

All aspects of Andrea’s products, including the ties and name tags are fabrics that have been knitted, felted, shaped, appliquéd and embroidered to produce a quality only achievable using these hand skilled methods. Even her finishing threads and labels are spun and woven in England.

Suggested care instructions

Machine wash on wool or handwash setting at 30º.

Lay to dry on a flat surface at room temperature.

Or Hang outside to dry on a breezy day.

Steam press using a thin cotton or muslin cloth between the iron and stocking.

Alternatively, Dry Clean.